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EMF inspections and testing

EMF testing in Ontario Canada

EMF services in Ontario. From Windsor to Toronto and everything in between.

We perform onsite EMF inspections — including testing, a discussion of our findings, how safe or not are your readings, and should they be needed, shielding solutions for homes and offices throughout the Southwestern Ontario area from Windsor to Toronto.

Who Does the Onsite Testing?

Joanna or one of her colleagues will perform the EMF measurements and recommend any possible shielding strategies. Joanna and every member of her team of associates is trained by Geovital Academy, the world’s top EMF testing and mitigation organization.

Types of Buildings/Environments Tested

We can measure the electromagnetic fields in residential homes, condo’s, apartments, schools, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

Types of EMFs Measured

We use the most accurate scientific test equipment available to measure the 3 types of electromagnetic fields that may be found, including:

  • Magnetic fields from power lines, electrical panels, wiring, solar inverters, appliances, computers, entertainment systems, and electronic devices. Wiring errors and stray electricity on water pipes can also be a problem area.
  • Electric Fields from many of the above, and also from electrical wiring in the walls, power cords.
  • RF / HF fields from all things wireless. This includes radiation from cell towers, cell phones, TV/radio broadcast towers, smart meters, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, wireless smart devices, baby monitors, microwave ovens, security systems, etc.
  • We can also test for “dirty electricity”.
  • Pre-purchase Real Estate Testing.

We provide real estate assessment results and written reports as required.

Written Reports

We always provide a written report as well as on the spot verbal assessment of your conditions and a conversation about mitigation options should they be needed.

In most cases this is actually not needed, because as part of the onsite testing process, you will receive a data form with all your measurements as recorded by hand, along with a detailed written information guide about EMF safety levels. Sometimes, as appropriate, we also provide a hand written summary of your next steps. More


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