About Joanna Dobrzeniecki

Offering Three Primary Services, Rawsome Home is here to make your life easier and healthier!

Rawsome Home is a food and home consulting company that focuses on helping individuals, families, employees and companies live a healthier life. Joanna and her team assist with assessing homes from the material used in our work and living spaces, what’s in the pantry, what we sleep on, what we clean with, breathe in our homes, what we drink, what we bathe with and what radiation we are exposed to and how to shield from it.

Rawsome Home is also an education consulting company that assists clients, students, government, corporations and educational institutions design various workshops and educational programs. Programs and workshops are customized to client needs and are not limited but have included language and culture programs abroad (English, Polish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German), ESP (English for Specific Purposes) hospitality, customer service, sales and marketing, tourism, motivation, logistics, and cross cultural protocols workshops.

Joanna’s Background and Qualifications

Rawsome Home founder Joanna Dobrzeniecki has had a passion for food, culture and education since she was very young. She started learning how to cook at home and continued exploring during her first of many International travels.

Joanna began exploring the world of healthy foods during her first exchange abroad as a Rotary International Student in Mexico. Here she lived with host families and gained fluency in Spanish and a passion for Latin music, Mexican food and acquiring the pleasures of spicy food.

After travelling the world, Joanna returned to Canada, got her certification in Culinary Nutrition in Toronto and has been delivering workshops and consulting to families and a wide variety of groups at the college level in Toronto and beyond.

During her studies in International Business, she focused on exploring International Education from Canada while completing her primary research on a Trade Mission with St. Clair College of Applied Arts in Mexico. Afterwards, while studying business at the University of Windsor, she went on a French exchange program to France and fell in love with the fresh farmer’s markets and the incredible food culture both in school cafeterias and at the table in French homes. She also spent time studying French in Chicoutimi, Quebec where she taught workshops to French Canadian government employees.

Upon pursuing her grad studies, she spent some time studying hospitality management in Switzerland and
experiencing gueridon service, hiking in vineyards and enjoying the infamous Swiss raclette and fondue restaurants. Then she completed her Masters in Hospitality Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Hotelschool The Hauge in the Netherlands.

Joanna then lived on the island of Bali, managing 7 food and beverage outlets at a beach resort and designing
recipes and menus and organizing diplomatic private dinner parties. Eventually she ran a boutique resort in the Ubud jungle focusing on the strong Indonesian delicacy flavors and using as much of the natural resources for ingredients and presentation. Her desire for education and food continued while she lived in South Korea and taught English for both the public-school board and tourism and global economic courses as an Assistant Professor at one of their National Universities. She spent her free time exploring Asian seafood markets, learning how to make kimchi with families in the countryside and exploring food and tea and culture festivals across the entire country. She stayed at Buddhist temples and experienced their no waste plant based food culture and tea and drum ceremonies. .

Eventually Joanna came back to Europe and taught young teens during summer camps in Ireland, gave workshops to Corporate clients in Germany and had a child whom she took traveling to 37 countries in his first 3 years of life. Being a mom made her focus more on the health benefits of whole foods and while she got certified with Matthew Kenney in Raw Foods, she also traveled to a raw food retreat in Ecuador with her son.

Next Steps…

Why not consider Joanna as a valued resource for your project? Whether a kid’s workshop, corporate workshop, home project, or an EMF assessment, Joanna is here to serve you. CONTACT HER HERE.